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Transaction Info Form
Transaction Information Form from TSA Consulting Group
Retiree Direct Deposit 
 Forms Hub
Some of the most commonly used forms used by FRS participants.
If you need any information regarding the use of these forms please contact us below.

If you are not sure which form you need or are looking for another form please get in contact with us.
FRS Retiree Direct Deposit
EZ 2nd Election Retirement Plan Enrollment Form
Beneficiary Designation
.Beneficiary Designation Form (Active Pension Plan Members Only) (NOTE: If yyou are currently participating in DROP, please use Form FST-12.
Beneficiary Designation Form (Retired Pension Plan Members Only). Note: Includes DROP participants
Beneficiary Designation Form - Investment Plan Members Only (Active and Retired).
Forms for your convenience.
FRS Drop
FRS Retirement
FRS Plan EZ 2nd Election
FRS Investment Plan
FRS Pension Plan
Beneficiary Designation
Beneficiary Designation is in no way affiliated with the Florida Retirement System or the Florida Division of Retirement. This site is simply a resource for participants to understand their benefits. We are an independent advocate for FRS participants to help them make the best choices for their retirement.